A brief preface to clarify the origin of the brand name Kreuzspitze, it comes from the German name of Monte Croce. This imposing 2490mslm mountain is the highest mountain of the Lagorai Centre/West, a classic of mountaineering destination, on which were disputed some exciting ski mountaineering classic FISI competitions, promoted and co-organized by the same founders.

The story begins in the year 2007 When the well-known local ski champion Mirko Mezzanotte proposes to Alessio Trentinaglia, owner of the artisan company known for building details for the rally cars, to modify first and build the craft lighter and efficient heel to be used in the harsh Alpine skiing races.

Ongoing research and development has resulted in 2008 the collaboration of the engineer Terragnolo Bruno, mechanical engineer expert in materials, ski mountaineering outputs mate already of Alessio. This synergy and the experience in competitions provided by Mirko, have been designed and made other components and articles. In November 2010 the two shareholders Alessio and Bruno, they founded the company Omnimec Srl brand Kreuzspitze settled initially in the structure of B.I. C. (Business Innovation Center) Borgo Valsugana occupying an area of 300 square meters initially increased in years to 600sqm until August of 2016. L ’ company now located in renovated industrial complex of ’ former shoe factory M closed from 2003 and retrained to accommodate in 1500 SQM the production departments and the all-new offices. Over the years it has grown l ’ range of products, a lot of energy and resources are being invested in research and development leading to the filing of patents that protect the innovations that you find in our articles.

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