It all started in 2010 with a few months of brain storming before the brand “Huva” was established. A friend, Torstein Søreide Skogedal studied design, and he helped us with the logo as part of his studies.

Hilde Berg is a magician with the needles and she is knitting all new product samples and ideas.She is born in Røros, an important place for her, from childhood to adult.

Our very first produkt, the “Huva 1713” was released in 2014 as one of the warmest and most sustainable wool sweater on the marked. Vi are so pleased with this product, and the feed back we get is exclusively positive. This sweater is reliable and durable through the coldest periods of winter.

In 2018 vi launched the “Huva mittens”, designed and produced in Stjørdal, Norway. To be honest, we don´t think there are many products in this industry being able to say: “Made in Stjørdal”!. We are looking for a factory to continue the production, but so far they are still hand made in Stjørdal, giving them a fantastic finish and quality.

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