For thirty years, Gator Sports has been providing cold weather accessories. Starting with a simple face protector, we have expanded to headbands, socks, cycling booties, and more.  We have now partnered with Neo Workgear Pro to distribute a full line of neoprene gloves, as well as sun protection.  We believe that whether your outdoor activities are recreation or industrial, being comfortable make the time more enjoyable and productive.


A synthetic rubber, often used for waterproof or weather-resistant clothing such as wetsuits. Our neoprene has a closed cell construction, meaning it is filled with closed air bubbles. These serve as insulators, just as styrofoam does. Because the cells are closed, the neoprene itself is waterproof. Gator uses three thicknesses of neoprene. Our basic products are 1.5 mm, with nylon laminated to each side. We use 3.0 mm for products that require greater warmth. We also use a fleece lined 1.0 mm neoprene for added comfort when worn against the skin.


A synthetic fleece with wonderful comfort and insulating qualities. It has wind blocking properties, and breathes well. It also dries quickly after exposure to water.

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