What do we stand for? How do we work? What drives us? Our currexSoles manifest our commitment to clear values. Find out more about the soul of currexSoles!


CurrexSoles are never disposable products. They’ll stick with you for at least as long as your shoes do! What’s more, we don’t keep inventing new products just for the sake of inventing them. Your currexSoles belong to you – and you’ll be able to find them at your chosen sports retailer for a long time to come.


Our partnerships with well-known brands such as Mizuno, Nike, CCM, Asics, Ecco and Lowa are characterized by the mutual transfer of knowledge. currexSoles are the result of intensive communication on the best result. We can’t and don’t want to work any other way − neither at currex nor with our partners!


We don’t belong to any corporate group, and intend to keep growing organically. We will remain what we are: An ambitious, independent and effective team of sports scientists and athletes creating products that result from the very latest research findings and meet the highest requirements.

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