The AMAZONAS GmbH has its head office in the vicinity of Munich. Since 1995 it has stood for outstanding quality in the field of original Brazilian cotton hammocks.
Along with its core segment of cotton hammocks and hanging chairs, the AMAZONAS umbrella brand also includes its own babies’ and toddlers’ line AMAZONAS BABY WORLD, with a wide range of baby hammocks, carrying systems, children’s hanging chairs and baby hammock frames, and the outdoor line AMAZONAS ULTRA-LIGHT, with extra-lightweight hammocks and accessories for survival experts and leisure adventurers.

AMAZONAS owes a particular debt to the original Brazilian hammock tradition and the quality associated with this traditional product. It has its own production site in the northeast of Brazil, the hammock-making centre of the whole of South America. The AMAZONAS purchasing office in Shanghai works to ensure the high quality of the company’s Ultra-Light range, conducting direct quality checks in the course of production. AMAZONAS’ partner manufacturing firm in Poland produces all AMAZONAS frames from sustainably managed woodlands.

The company’s new and creative product ideas, especially in the areas of accessories, frames and suspension systems, backed up by strategic marketing and sales activities, have made AMAZONAS a success on the international market. AMAZONAS offers excellent service and short delivery times, and does not require any pre-orders. By this time AMAZONAS is represented in over 40 countries worldwide, and has established itself as Germany’s leading wholesaler of hammocks, frames and accessories. Today the company counts among the leading hammock makers of the world.

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