Nordlys Sport AS is very proud to present our team of ambassadors. With their humble appearance, playing in nature with the right risk profile, they help us with beautiful pictures and the best stories, every day, all four seasons.


Stian is a true passionated climber and skier, living in the Lofoten Islands where he is working as an aspiring Mountain Guide for Northern Alpine Guides. Stian is under qualification becoming an IFMGA Mountain Guide trough the Norwegian mountain guide association Nortind. 
In his spare time Stian uses all his time getting after new peaks, new routes and new objectives in the mountains. Weather it’s alpine climbing, ice climbing or rock climbing. Stian has done several first ascents in the Lofoten and Narvik mountains, and several new ski descents in the same area.
He got experience from climbing long routes and skiing in the alps and Patagonia, and big walls like the El Capitan in Yosemite as well. But nothing beats a beautiful midnight sun climbing trip in the Lofoten Islands.


Rebecca Hjellegjerde lives in Oslo but was born in the heart of the Sunnmøre-alps. She has varied hiking, climbing and skiing experience from both summer and winter trips. She has crossed the Greenland icecap three times and has summited several high mountains above 5000 masl. In addition to loving the easy life of being out in nature, Rebecca also likes to compete in different kind of sports, especially triathlon. When she is not guiding for Bergans Adventures, she is a full time student at The Norwegian Police University College. She has previously worked in the Ambulance services in Oslo and Bergen as a paramedic.


I spend a lot of my spare time in the outdoors, during the summers you will find me running trails in Nordmarka, Oslo. 
During the winter months I will go wherever the snow is good. During the last seasons I’ve been all over Norway and a couple of trips to Japan. 
As a previous alpine racer I’ve kept the high demands to gear I use, therefore I am happy to collaborate with Nordlys Sport. 


Nina lives on the small island of Tromsø. 
She is employed as a doctor (general practitioner) in beautiful Balsfjord which is but one and a half hours’ drive from Tromsø. 

When working she usually goes by campervan and makes the van her home. This gives the opportunity to take advantage of the exiting areas offered by the surrounding mountains.

When not working she takes time to explore the mountains near and far in different seasons through climbing, skiing, biking and hiking. In winter the focus to increase knowledge of snowpack and avalanche science combined with ski touring becomes the priority of her spare time.

Summer time is spent mostly sports climbing and she is now learning the ropes of traditional and multi pitch climbing. This is something she wants to explore a lot more in addition to alpinism and ice climbing during the winter.

The challenges of climbing, mountaineering and skiing brings rich experiences with a high degree of contrast between intense fear, extreme happiness and inner calm. 


Cato is a teacher from Øygarden, he also have gymnastick and Outdoors-wilderneslife as teaching subjekt. He is CEO for Klyva AS, a firm that has guiding/kayaking and climbing for tourists as main product. When he is not working, he climbing, skiing, snowboarding, riverkayaking, seakayaking and chasing his  dream to climb the seven summits. 


Dan is from Colorado, USA, where he grew up playing in the Colorado mountains and the deserts of Utah. Dan is now living in Oslo as a research scientist working on carbon-reducing membrane technologies for the petrochemical industry, in collaboration with the University of Oslo. On his free time, he is rock and ice climbing, mountaineering/alpineering, ski touring, camping, and kayaking all around Norway. He is very passionate about adventure photography/film making and improving his all-around outdoor technical skills.


Anders is from Molde, and is currently working in the ambulance. He has also worked offshore, but now as a trainer and examiner in industrial climbing. In addition to this he also works with many of the best freeriders and their projects as a photo and video producer. Living in Romsdalen, it is natural for Anders to spend most of his spare time in the nature, both in the mountains and close to lakes and rivers. With the easy access to fjords and peaks, he likes both the summer and the winter seasons.


Sondre was born in Oppdal, and started snowboarding there at a young age. His passion for snowboarding grew over the years, so he moved to Sogndal, and has been living there the last years. There he works as a teacher, and is super happy about that. Sondre is the only snowboarder in his friends group both in Oppdal and Sogndal, all the others ride skis. Sondre means that this has helped his developmentby always riding with high quality skiers, and his fluent riding style is a result of this. Sondre suffered from a bad injury a few years ago, but is fully recovered, and can`t wait to get at it for full this season. His main focus is hunting endless powder, surrounded by good friends, try to finishsome long – time bucket list runs. This season will focus on pictures and filming, with maybe some competitions.

Besides snowboarding, Sondre enjoys the outdoors, such as hunting, and recently participated a ultramarathon. Next summer he aims to finish a 160 km race, after his good friend tricked him into it.

Sondre say he is “thrilled to work with Nordlys, which is a company I really look up to.They grown from a small company, and now having the biggest brads in the business, but even though they have grown big, the family core value is still intact. Also, Black Diamond is one of the worlds biggest forces to be reckoned with within action sports, and I can`t wait to be a part of that.


Peter is a passionate ski mountaineer, with several first steep ski descents from 5000 – 6000 m peaks in the Tian Shan, Pamirs and Caucasus, and he also left first tracks on mountains on Kågen/Skjervøy.

Nowadays he spends his time in the mountains mostly with ski guiding, but he also enjoys teaching avalanche courses. He is certified as ski guide through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG), and Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) Level 3 avalanche technician, and is in the process of finishing a PhD degree in snow/avalanche science.

Peter is from Austria, but during the last years he split his time between Skjervøy, Narvik and Tbilisi/Georgia, ski guiding throughout the snowy seasons. He has also guided in Siberia and Japan.

At the moment he is based full-time in Narvik, working for Narvikfjellet, setting up a ski guiding program. When the ski season comes to an end, he like to go on his own ski missions on the steep faces and glaciers around Narvik in the midnight sun. Outside the ski season, road biking is his other passion, as is black-white photography. Peter uses PIEPS avalanche rescue equipment, manufactured in his home region of Styria, Austria.