Nordlys Sport AS was founded 28th of march 2012. The company is an agentur business, selling imported and self-made brands in the sports industry. Nordlys Sport AS is holding a strong portfolio of innovative, strong brands like; Black Diamond, Pieps, Asolo, Kahtoola and more..

With more than 20 years of experience, we feel we know the ins and outs in the sports industry. We are very proud and humble to represent the brands we do. It´s always a highlight to visit the shops and present our products to the enthusiastic and knowledgeable co-workers..

Dag Sverre Espejord
Chairman / Founder

Dag Sverre is the founder and 50% partner in Nordlys Sport AS. He has previously worked with Hansi AS, Alpina & Crispi Norge AS, Skigutane AS og Ute På Tur AS. Dag Sverre is an optimist by nature – The sky is the limit!

When he is not around visiting customers he likes hiking in the mountains, all four seasons. With his combination of optimism and a curious soul he has explored many sport and outdoor activities. This has been an import asset for Nordlys Sport AS

Remi Mjelde

In 2015 Nordlys Sport AS expanded with Remi Mjelde as a 50% partner and CEO. Remi is experienced in the sports industry and with sales. He started his carrer “on the floor” with MX Sport in 1999. He continued as a store manager in Sport1, sales representative for Alpina & Crispi Norge AS and product manager for Crispi.

Remi is an allrounder with an fearless approach to most challanges. Favorite activities; cycling, klimbing, running and skiing.

Eric Skjervold

End of 2019 Eric joined the team as head of logistics. He grew up in Stjørdal, and likes working out. Eric have one year of experience from G-Sport Mosjøen before joining us. We really look forward to many years with Eric in the centre of our operation.